Our School is served by “The Lunch Bag”

The Lunch Bag is a company who deliver school lunches to schools. Parents only need go online and order for a day, week or month, whichever suits your needs.

  • For the same cost as a homemade lunch, your child has the choice of a different, fresh lunch every day of the week.
  • Swap stressful mornings for sitting with your child to make good nutritional choices, at a time that suits you both.
  • Allow your child to taste new foods without addition cost or food waste.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download their app
  2. Order before 12 noon
  3. Suppliers deliver fresh produce to them everyday
  4. Your child’s lunch is then made up in sterile kitchens
  5. Lunch is delivered straight to your child’s classroom the next day

Please download The Lunch Bag app or see their website to order. Home – The Lunch Bag – School Lunch Delivery Service