Our Ethos

As an Educate Together school, Portlaoise Educate Together National School is committed to the following four principles:


Recognise all ethical and religious traditions.

Facilitate any group of parents who wish to organise religious instruction for their children outside school hours.

Have an Ethical Education Programme called Learn Together, which teaches children core values necessary to inform a child’s developing mind to live in our rapidly changing society. A premium is placed on appreciation and respect for social, cultural and other human difference, health and safety, individual/social responsibilities and rights.


Our school teaches the Revised Primary School Curriculum for all Primary schools. Genuine dialogue and partnership between teachers and parents greatly enhances the teaching/learning process. The child is the focus of all school activity and decision-making.


Our school is for girls and boys. Gender stereotyping and inequality are proactively addressed across the curriculum and in all school activities.

Democratically run

Parents have enhanced access and involvement in the running and development of the school in a very real sense. This unique level of parental involvement can only develop properly if it fully recognises and respects the professional role of the teacher and builds genuine partnership between the professional and the parent to provide the maximum educational benefit for the child.

For more information on our ethos please visit www.educatetogether.ie

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