*Parents are required to purchase the books and stationery on this page and to send all items in on the first day of school. Thank you. 

Please double check with the bookshop that you have the correct books specified below as they will not be able to exchange books once you have covered or labelled them.         

English:                                                                                                                                   Publisher:  

  1. Sounds Like Phonics Activity Book A                                                         CJ Fallons 
  2. Go with the Flow Handwriting A                                                                  CJ Fallons

(Pre-cursive handwriting for Junior Infants)


  1. Planet Maths for Junior Infants                                                   Folens

(Plus €5 in an envelope for the class teacher for a set of Numicon counting shapes.) Your child will own their own set of numicon and use it for maths homework during the school year. 


  1. Abair Liom A Second Edition                                                            Folens


  1. Explore with Me Pack (Workbook and Posters)                     Edco  

(Junior infants)       

Please purchase the following stationery for school use: these items will be kept at school for daily use in the classroom.
1 Packet of 12 CRAYOLA Twistable crayons (standard size no mini packs please) 2 GREEN FACTIS ERASERS  2  Pritt Stick Glue Sticks (large)    2 130g Pots of Play Doh (any colour) 1 A4 Document Wallet  and   1 A3 Document  Wallet – (Plastic with button to close) 2 Narrow Whiteboard Markers 1 B4 Strong Mesh Zip Lock Bag to be used as a homework folder.  

Some important things to note before purchasing books, a school bag etc. for junior infant pupils.  

Schoolbag: When selecting a school bag please choose one big enough to fit the B4 mesh folder, lunchbox etc. Also ensure that the school bag has a pocket/net to hold a drinks bottle on the outside of the bag. Leaking bottles in bags can damage school books so having the drink labelled and placing it on the outside of the bag really prevents having to replace wet books. Please clearly label the bag also. This can be done with a key ring attached to the zip of the bag or a marker. 

Stationery: In addition to the stationery items on the booklist you will also need to keep a pencil case at home which contains 1 pencil, an eraser, a 12 pack of crayola twistables, 1 glue stick and a child’s right or left handed scissors (depending on your child’s hand dominance/laterality) these items will be needed for completing daily homework activities with your child. 

There is no need to label the crayons that you send into school. No pencil cases are required for school use. We keep the crayons, pencils etc. in a pot on the desk, the pot will be provided by the class teacher. 

Spare Clothing: It is advisable to send in a zip lock bag clearly marked with your child’s name containing trousers, socks and a change of underwear in case they ever spill paint or water on their clothes during art activities. In the event of a rare, unexpected toilet accident or spill it is always reassuring for a child if they have a change of familiar clothing that fits them properly. The wet items would be sent home in the zip lock and the spares can be returned to school once they have been laundered. Talk to your child about the contents of their school bag and explain that this is their spare change of clothes to be kept at school. 

Please send all items in on the first day and remember that books will be kept at school. 

Please talk to your child and explain that the class teacher will collect up their books, copies, folders, stationery and playdoh on the first day. This can be upsetting if the children don’t know that their teacher will mind their books at school. It is also very upsetting for a child when they come to school without their books and school items. Please ensure that you are organised and that you send in all of the items on the booklist with your child on the first day of school. 


Children love to be independent so please take time to have lunch with your child at home and allow them to use their lunch box. Let them practice opening and closing their lunch box and drinks bottle and practice packing them away and tidying their place afterwards. These are all important activities in preparing for big school and ensuring school readiness. If you plan to send fruit such as a mandrian orange, see if your child can peel it independently. If they cannot manage to peel it, think about sending it peeled in their lunch box to save them time during snack time.  

Please allow your child to start putting on and taking off their own shoes and coat this summer. In terms of school shoes, velcro runners are great for children when running in the playground. They also allow children to open and close them independently. All that upper body movement used when putting on shoes and coats is a great workout for your child’s finger muscles that will eventually be learning to write during the school year. 

We look forward to teaching your child and working with you next term.

School Costs 

Pupil Insurance                                                                               € 5.50

Membership of Educate Together                                                €15.00 

Book Rental Deposit                                                                      €10.00

Book Rental                                                                                      €10.00

Photocopying                                                                                  €15.00

Art & Resource Materials                                                                €12.00


Total Cost                                                                                            €67.50         



  • Online through your family account link in your Aladdin Connect App, which will be sent by text and email. (Please note this link lasts for 30days from the time it is sent and will be re-sent throughout the school year). 
  • If paying by cheque please make all cheques payable to Portlaoise Educate Together N.S.
  • Card payments can be made through the school office over the phone.
  • Due to Covid 19 we would ask that school costs be paid by card or online where possible.

If you have difficulty paying the monies due, please contact the school office immediately to arrange an instalment plan. Any costs paid in instalments (as agreed with the school), will go towards the school costs in order, as listed as per booklist.