Department of Education’s Digital Learning Clusters scheme

Portlaoise Educate Together were selected to work as part of a network of Educate Together schools for the Department of Education’s Digital Learning Clusters scheme. It is a cluster whereby 6 Educate Together schools take on a 3-year project to redevelop Educate Together’s Resource Bank to make it easier for staff in Educate Together schools to find the resources and lesson plans they need to cover the Learn Together Curriculum.

The website at will enable all Educate Together staff to share and upload the Learn Together lesson plans, web sites, resources and books they already have to a space where we can all access them within our network. Of course, the web site is accessible to anyone that wishes to gain inspiration or teach about any aspect of our Learn Together curriculum.

Camara Ireland Project with our school

Goals of Salesforce / Camara Ireland Project 

Our school is working as part of a cluster network of Educate Together schools. Our staff will receive in-depth training in  G Suite applications and google classroom from Camara. We will purchase digital creativity kits for filiming in the classroom as part of this project.

Goal 1: Increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of school leaders and teachers in technology for education. This will support schools to make well-informed decisions that are based on the specific needs and contexts of their learners

Goal 2: Contribute to a higher skills base of the teaching workforce in Ireland to impact the quality of the educational experience for students and contribute to learning outcomes that equip young people for the future workplace

Goal 3: Increase student access to quality and creative educational opportunities.


Project Aims

  • Students will benefit from an improved learning environment through access to digital education resources for integration into learning. 
  • Teachers and school leaders will be trained to integrate digital resources into teaching and support activities.  a

KA1 Erasmus Digital Learning and Language

As part of our KA1 2019-2021 Erasmus project for digital learning and improving language, we are helping the children learn through Green Screen technology and i Movies editing app. Participating classes will read books on the ethics and environment theme and write a book review about their favourite book. They will then film, direct, edit and upload a digital book review.