Administration of medications policy (reviewed by H&S committee) Reviewed & ratified by board.

Health and Safety policy (reviewed by H&S committee)  Reviewed & ratified by board.

Projects/School Activities

Haddington Road Agreement time – Staff meeting held on 13th January 

School development – work on various groups and committees

School Improvement Plan 

We are currently working on Digital Learning. 

A Digital Learning Team is established led by Assistant Principals Rozz and Joanna. The school is actively engaged with ERASMUS (involving a large number of staff over the 2 year programme) and Camara. 

Active School Week

Active school week was this week (27th -31st of Jan). The board wishes to thank all involved on the Active School committee for organising this event.


Participating staff will visit Spain on the 12-14th February. The trip will focus on Digital Learning. The board wish them well and look forward to hearing about the experience of a Spanish school system.

Student Council 

A new Student Council has been elected and their work is coordinated by Martin and Brid. Congratulations to each elected member of the Student Council!

Green Schools 

A group representing the school will attend a Water workshop in Newbridge on the 24th January 

ABC Coaching

Takes place every Tuesday for Junior Infants up to 2nd.  Thanks to senior students for their assistance with the coaching.

Building / Fire Remediation

Work is ongoing in the evenings/ during school closures. 

Delivery of two permanent storage sheds expected. 

Work re flooding on the path at the schools entrance will begin shortly. 

Thanks to everyone for their patience whilst the works are ongoing.

County Council Lands

We (along with the other schools on campus) are in the early stages of talks with the County Council on exploring future recreational use of lands acquired by the council on the Stradbally Rd.  The question being explored is “what might be a satisfactory and mutually beneficial use of such land?” The potential for sport and recreation and off road access routes to the school are being considered.


Fire Warden Training – Training took place on the 21st January, 11 staff members were trained.

Condolences from the board to Elaine whose dad passed away recently..

Congratulations to Siobhan on the birth of her baby son.

Upcoming Events

Peace Proms 

Performance on 1st February in Dublin, 4th 5th and 6th class children to attend. Thank you to staff who are preparing the children for this event.

Care Needs Review 

Will take place on Monday 3rd February as a result of the school’s application for increased SNA support. John Moran (SENO with NCSE) and a colleague will carry out the review. 

First Visit Incoming Infants 

First visit for incoming infants will occur on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th of February.

Board Training Board members  will attend training with our patron Educate Together on Saturday February 8th.