Booklist for 3rd Class 2021/2022: 


*Parents are required to purchase the books and stationary on this page.

English:                                                                                             Publisher:   

Over the Moon: To the Moon and Back Reader                            Gill Education

Over the Moon: To the Moon and Back Skills & Portfolio Book              Gill Education

Revised Spellings and Tables (Carried on from 2nd Class)         Folens

Just Phonics 3rd Class Upwards (Workbook)                     


Operation Maths 3rd Class (Pupils book – NOT DISCOVERY)      Edco   
Operation Maths 3rd Class Assessment workbook (€4.95)        Edco

Number Facts 3rd Class (Workbook)                                            Edco

New Wave Mental Math 3rd Class (Revised Edition – workbook) Prim-Ed


Abair Liom E                                                                                      Folens

Léigh sa Bhaile C                                                                               CJ Fallons      

Fuaimeanna agus Focail Rang 3(Workbook)                                Folens            


Irish Primary Atlas Set (New Edition 2021) – pack of 2 books    Folens


Each child will need a pencil case containing the following items clearly labelled 5 HB pencils 1* 30cm Clear ruler 2 erasers 1 sharpener 2 red pens 1 set of Crayola Twistables 1 set of Crayola Markers 2 Thin Black Sharpies Fallon’s Homework Journal  7 A4++ mesh zip lock extra durable folders 1 A3 Scrapbook  1 Refill pad with 120 pages 3 A4 20 page display folders 1 box/packet of small white labels 1 small child-safe scissors 2 Large Pritt Stick Glue Sticks 1 Mini White board (A4 size) 2 Mini White board Markers (Blue or Black)
Please note that these items will remain in school each day so you will need a second pencil case and materials for home. 

School Costs 

Pupil Insurance                                                                            €   5.00

Membership of Educate Together                                         €15.00                    

Photocopying                                                                                €15.00

Resource Materials (Art, PE, Maths etc)                             €12.00

Copies                                                                                               €5.00


Total Cost                                                                                      €52.00


Due to Covid 19 we are not in a position to confirm if swimming or school tours will take place in the coming school year 2021/22, as such the fees for these activities have not been added to the school costs and will only be requested if these activities proceed. 


  • Online through your family account link in your Aladdin Connect App, which will be sent by text and email. (Please note this link lasts for 30days from the time it is sent and will be re-sent throughout the school year). 
  • If paying by cheque please make all cheques payable to Portlaoise Educate Together N.S.
  • Card payments can be made through the school office over the phone.
  • Due to Covid 19 we would ask that school costs be paid by card or online where possible.

If you have difficulty paying the monies due, please contact the school office immediately to arrange an instalment plan. Any costs paid in instalments (as agreed with the school), will go towards the school costs in order, as listed as per booklist.