RSA Tips for Walking to School

  • Research shows that children under 12 should not cross roads on their own.  They cannot decide how far away a car is or how fast it is going. They should be taken to school by a responsible adult.
  • Children walking on country roads should wear reflective arm bands and belt.
  • Choose a safe route to school and keep hold of your child’s hand at all times.
  • Don’t allow your child to cross the road between parked cars.  This is very dangerous as a driver will not be able to see your child.  Show your child how to cross the road by example. Choose a safe place to cross and explain the reason why to your child i.e zebra or pelican crossings, with a Garda, an adult warden or junior school wardens.
  • Ensure that your child always stops at the edge of the footpath, and always puts the Safe Cross Code into Practice. (this can be seen on separate link).
  • After some weeks assess your child’s understanding by asking him/her to bring you across the road.
  • The best person to teach your child to cross the road safely is you. But remember, a child will do as you do, not as you say. So set the good example yourself!.