Minutes of Parents Association Meeting 9th of November 2016

Meeting notes 09/11/16

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Apologies: Theresa , Joanna.


  • A sample of the Calendar was brought to the meeting and approved by the committee.

  • 350 Calendars to be printed in total. Pre-order forms have been sent home with all the children, along with an email and a Facebook post to inform all parents.

  • Pre-orders must be in by 8th December and there will be calendars available on the night of the winter shows which are on the 15th December. The gap between pre-order and immediate sale is purposeful to create a demand.

  • The committee will directly sell the calendars on the night and help correlate the pre-orders with Pam. It is important that we keep track of all calendars sold and monies collected on the night. Siobhan to purchase a cash box for Hazel in the office and one for the PA that night. Pam will create an Excel sheet which can e easily filled in to keep track on how many calendars are sold for €6 and how many for €10.

  • Prints of the class photos have been made available for sale, this occurred due to parental demand for this. Absolutely no pressure is being put on parents to buy these prints and order forms are only available from the office.

  • The school does not have dates for school holidays for academic year 2017/2018 as they only come out every3 years and this is year 3.

Gala Ball updates

  • Siobhan has sent details to Sinead to pass to the board in relation to all the details for the ball currently, they haven’t met since that was sent so we have had no communication in relation to the details yet. While they are happy with the idea 100% approval has not been granted yet, as soon as we get it we will pay the deposit and put a plan together for promotion.

  • Sponsorship of the event and getting local businesses was discussed.  It is proposed that businesses will sponsor a table on the night @ €275, they will have their name on the table e.g. The Heatons table. Pam is going to create a sponsorship pack for use when approaching.

  • Pam is going to ask Jimmy the photographer to come to the ball to take pictures. He will take a picture of each table as well as documenting the night through pictures, which can be used to send thanks to each sponsor with a picture of their table included. It will also be used as promotion.

  • Party Mor to be approached to see if they will sponsor the centre pieces for the table.


  • Our aim this year is to build a community within the school, but also to portray the school in a positive light within the local community. As our PR person Pam is going to build relationships with local media and send in pictures of what’s happening in the school on a continuous basis, this has been approved by Sinead.

  • All PR is to go through Pam and the PA email account to avoid duplication in the media.


  • We discussed events for the coming months.

  • Proposed coffee by kids hosted by 6th class in January possibly the 27th as a welcome back after holidays, to be approved Sinead and Michael.

  • Illona is going to host a craft coffee morning whereby parents will decorate cookies for Christmas while drinking coffee for a small fee which is cover costs.

  • Further craft mornings/workshops for parents and children proposed and discussed but not finalised.

  • Cake sale 10th of February, to be finalised with Sinead.

Next meeting

  • A proposal was made to change meeting nights to Tuesdays @7pm on the first week of the month.

  • Need to decide on events for Feb-Easter term

Meeting dates proposed for approval:

December 6th

January 10th

February 7th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd

June 6th