Learn Together

Learn Together

As in other Educate Together schools, the core ethical education curriculum used in our school is Learn Together. The Learn Together curriculum is taught in all classes from Junior Infants to Sixth class. Two and half hours per week is dedicated to the curriculum. The aim of the Learn Together curriculum is to guide children towards informed opinions and to provide them with the skills and attitudes to make value judgements, using reflective practise.

The curriculum is divided into four strands; Moral and Spiritual, Belief Systems, Ethics and the Environment and Equality and Justice. Each strand is developed in a spiral approach in all classes. The strands and not isolated concepts and are taught in an integrated manner.

Moral and Spiritual

This strand nurtures the children’s moral, spiritual, social and ethical development. It aims to develop a sense of understanding of their place in the world in which they live.

Belief Systems

This strand gives children the opportunity to learn about values, festivals and celebrations of different religions and belief systems.  It aims to foster a sense of respect, tolerance and shared understanding.

Ethics and the Environment

This strand facilitates children to realise their own potential and the contribution that they can make to their local and global environment. Ethics and the Environment is put into practise on a daily basis by our Greens School’s Committee and by our efforts to being a Green school.

Equality and Justice

This strand encourages children to examine issues of inequality in all aspects of the world. It aims to empower children to challenge discrimination on all levels and engages them in discussion about inspirational individuals who have shaped our world for the better.