Fifth Class Book List “Book Rental” 2017/18

Booklist for 5th Class 2017/18




*Parents are required to purchase the books and stationery on this page.

English:                                                                                           Publisher:


Word Wise Key Skills in English Literacy 5                                   CJ Fallon

Just Handwriting Cursive handwriting 5th Class                

Spellbound E                                                                                     CJ Fallon





New Wave Mental Math 5th Class (Revised Edition)                    Prim-Ed





Each child will need a pencil case containing the following items:

3 pencils / 1 ruler / 1 eraser / 1 sharpener / 1 glue stick

1 x Folder with 20 polly pockets

1 packet of coloured pencils/twistables



Parents/Guardians are required to buy the items for the pencil case.

Please put your child’s name on all coats, hats, scarves and belongings.







Money to be paid to the school office.


Pupil Insurance                                                                            €   6.00

Membership of Educate Together                                         €15.00

Book Rental Scheme                                                                   €20.00

*Book Rental deposit                                                                  €10.00

Photocopying                                                                                €20.00

Art & Resource Materials                                                          €16.00

Copies                                                                                               €5.00

Recorder                                                                                         €12.00


Swimming                                                                                       €35.00

School Tour                                                                                                €26.00


Total Cost                                                                                   €155.00 or

(if book rental deposit has not been paid already)                                         €165.00



*If not already in the scheme




  • We are currently introducing a new online payment system, further details will be available in June.


  • If paying by cheque please make all cheques payable to Portlaoise Educate Together N.S.


If you have difficulty paying the monies due, please contact the school office immediately to arrange an instalment plan. Any costs paid in instalments (as agreed with the school), will go towards the school costs in order, as listed as per booklist.